Ep. 8 - Jason Douglas of Lake Avenue & Three Guys Talking

On Episode 8 of The Gospel According to Jesse Lynch, I talk with my friend Jason Douglas. Jason is the singer and guitarist of the band Lake Avenue and is part of the podcast “Three Guys Talking:


IG:  @thejasondouglas

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My List of Gas stations (rated on overall quality)

  1. Quick Trip
  2. Sheetz
  3. WaWa
  4. KwikTrip
  5. Loves
  6. Flying J
  7. Pilot
  8. Raceway/Racetrak
  9. Holiday
  10. TA
  11. Circle K
  12. Super America
  13. Casey's
  14. Sunoco
  15. Conoco
  16. Gulf
  17. Chevron
  18. Marathon
  19. Exxon
  20. Mobil
  21. Shell
  22. BP

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