It's no secret, we are living in a digital age; where much of our discovery and interactions occur on our cellphones, computers or tablets. When you're hunting for music, it's Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. So much content, for better or worse, and we may not realize it, but we've all adapted to the process of digging through the garbage to find the gold.  Do something special and visually exciting.  Be loud without sound.

If somebody wants to find a new place to eat, it's Google or Yelp.  If the owner of a new restaurant is lucky (and smart) their potential customer will see a website full of beautiful images that display the ambience and culinary brilliance they've worked so ferociously to achieve.  Don't let them pass you up because you think the food should speak for itself. 

If somebody is looking to buy or rent a home, the first place they check is Trulia, Realtor.com or Craigslist. Many potential home owners fall in love with a house before they've stepped foot inside of it... Or spoken to an agent, even.  Why skimp on the first impression?  Especially when you're dealing with a property worth hundreds of thousands?

As advanced as consumer technology has become, nobody loses sleep over a craigslist add with some mediocre photos snapped on an iPhone...  Just like nobody gushes over camera phone footage of a rock concert, nobody prints their selfie onto canvas and nobody rushes out to a sushi joint after scrolling past somebody's half-eaten dragon roll on Instagram. #nothanks

There is inherent value in beautiful photography by a professional. Musicians gain clout. Portraits are cherished. Homes sell faster and for higher prices. Restaurants thrive. Everything is magnificent. I just help people see itf

Self Portrait Up North-3.jpg